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Two Rights Don’t Make A Wrong: Eat Healthy, Be Active:

We all grew up learning that “two wrongs don’t make a right”. I felt however that two rights couldn’t possibly make a wrong. The slogan implies that all anyone needs to do to fight obesity is to eat right and be active. These traits are best started at an early age, but will continue to be good decisions for an entire lifetime. In order to stop childhood obesity, children need to be motivated in physical activity, such as an organized sport like soccer or dance. Starting these habits early on will help children continue these habits later on. Also, kids don’t know that they’re eating. They grab whatever tastes good, and have no idea of the ridiculously high fat content or how many calories they are consuming. Helping children learn about what they’re eating and encouraging them to be active will help bring down childhood obesity rates. The slogan is merely a reminder of the two simple things that will save children a lifetime of regret.

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